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Only a small percentage of Indian farmers are fluent in English. Incredibly valuable information is filtered out from our small farmers due to a lack of effort in translating these value-packed resources for our small farmers.

We actively seek translators who can effectively translate this material in all India regional languages.

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     हमदर्दी                देश भक्तिका            पहला कर्त्तव्य है

Abundant Providence


Paul Sir!  

Much gratitude from us.

This is July 17, 2016. We are back to the Eden garden tour at Paul Gautschi's house. He talks about Sequoia, apple, fig, cherry, ginkgo, plumb, and other trees. He talks about his rhododendron, hydrangea, raspberry, barberry, blueberry bushes. He talks about grapes, strawberries kale, Holland greens, Swiss chard, carrots, asparagus, onions, cabbage, potatoes, squash, broccoli, beets, thyme, lemon balm, sage, wasabi celery Saint John’s wart. He covers all kinds of critters like dogs, chickens, maggots, rabbits, cows, horses, sheep, pests, insects, moths, slugs Other important topics include soil ph, nitrogen tie-up, nutrient dense food, his diet, pulling weeds, watering a Back to Eden garden, insecticides, GMO corn, illness, cells in the body, dead food, compost soil from the chicken pen, how woodchips work, compost tea, eating meat, protein, calcium, eggs, mulch, extending plantings, pruning tools, outhouse, the hand pump for his well, how men are weaker than the last generation, wood heat, Joel Wallach books, minerals, wood ash and how he pants his garden, how the Back To Eden Film documentary came to be. He also talks about getting woodchips, donating food and enzymes. 7.o pH, acidic and alkaline plants growing side by side, sampling, blueberries, and lavender growing in the same space, taking care of a pasture, rebuilding soil, digging in his dirt, his septic and drain field.